Coronavirus Security and Staffing Services

As restrictions soften and you begin to reopen your business let GMCS help you to do it safely, and in compliance with new local and state guidelines.

Trained GMCS Security Guards can help you:

• Create and implement your COVID-19 Response Plan.
• Maintain Social Distancing of your employees and customers.
• Ensure employees and customers are wearing proper face covering.
• Manage capacity by counting customers in and out of your facility.
• Deescalate tension between customers and/or employees.
• Pre-screen employees before allowing access to the workplace or jobsite.
• Provide temperature checks of your employees before entering your building.
• Building or site security patrols.

GMCS is currently providing security services to a wide range of organizations who’s operations have adjusted to coronavirus including; hospitals, grocery stores, retail stores, factories, office facilities, transportation hubs, and beyond.

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