Security Solutions

State Security License Information

Connecticut # AS-2454
Maine # 03/004
Massachusetts # LW0202A
New Hampshire # SA-543
New Jersey # 1429
New York # 11000137933
Pennsylvania # 85
Rhode Island # 264
Vermont # 044-0002130
Virginia # 11-7536
West Virginia # 35267
Tennessee # 12946

GMCS brings a style of security and crowd management that could accurately be referred to as, “guest services by professional security guards.” We create a safe and exceptional experience for our client’s guests, the entertainment, the venue staff, and the entire event management team.

Why do we have a reputation for having elite front-line staff?

  1. Our training – which provides cutting-edge knowledge.
  2. Our ongoing coaching – which develops real world skills.
  3. Our supervision and management – who share anecdotal experience and industry best practices.

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Pricing Structure

Our pricing is based on industry standard best practices with NO HIDDEN FEES!


All officers will be deployed with the necessary trade equipment to be successful on each assignment. All radios, flashlights, wands, etc. are inspected, checked, and serviced regularly to ensure they work at the highest levels possible. Such trade equipment may include, but not be limited to, the following:

Incident Reports
Metal Detectors (Wands)
Pen & Notepad
Post Show Reports
Radios, Headsets, & Speaker Mics
Rain Gear


First Aid Kit
Caution Tape
DLC Equipment (Blacklight & Magnifier)
bull horn


Our officers are dressed in an approved security uniform. GMCS has summer and winter uniforms which are cleaned and inspected for tears or malfunctions. We maintain a large inventory of different types of shirts and jackets and have a number of colors and styles to choose from, but can also custom design new ones for your venue, if required.



All our officers are expected to maintain a neat, clean and professional appearance, and to project a positive image at all times. Hair must be kept clean and neatly combed away from the face. Men with hair longer that the shirt collar must pull it back. Facial hair must be neat, short, and fully grown out (no stubble). Security Officers are required to wear black pants and the approved color uniform shirt with black socks and black shoes. If they need a jacket then that jacket must be zipped at all times.

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